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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

"You cannot select more than 100 items at once" in SharePoint 2010

Looking for some solution for batch items update I've run into the following problem: when I clicked a checkbox in top right corner of the list (acually a document library) "All Items" view, the browser displayed an error:  "You cannot select more than 100 items at once."

The problem was discussed on the TechNet forum (Selecting more than 100 files in Document Library) and the limit of maximum 100 items per one batch update (like check-in, delete etc.) is described on MSDN:
Limit: Bulk operations
Maximum value: 100 items per bulk operation
Limit type: Boundary
Notes: The user interface allows a maximum of 100 items to be selected for bulk operations.
What is interesting and what was not mentioned in TechNet topic, the limit is controlled on client side by a script, what I will show.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ingo Rammer - Hardcore .NET Production Debugging

Have you ever had a problem with a user complaining on and on that when he clicks some button in your application his computer hangs but it works fine on any other machine where you have tested it? The web service is consuming all the available memory in completely indeterministic way? Or maybe your web application is magically crashing on production machine when it works in the same usage scenario on development and test environment? If not, you are probably in about 1% of the most luckiest developers in the world (or you are not the developer).

Last year I attended in Norwegian Developers Conference 2011 in Oslo where among many other great presentations I've watched the one presented by Ingo Rammer - "Hardcore .NET Production Debugging".

WebPagetest - distributed web profiler

There are many popular tools for web performance profiling/debugging these days. From my personal tool set I could mention Firebug, IE Developers Toolbar (integrated with IE from version > 8) or Fiddler. The common problem with those tools is that they are installed and run locally on developers machine. Sometimes, for example when behaviour of the web app depends on loading all elements in the specific order or time, it is important to determine if those factors vary in different geographical locations. The download speed for China and Germany could be very different. If you face with this kind of problems I could recommend you a great distributed web performance profiler - WebPageTest.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

BLOB externalization for SharePoint - Metalogix StoragePoint

I'm working in service that builds and maintains a big document management system. Since SharePoint itself is not the best option for storing large amount of files (which can be also quite large) and serving them (performance, content DB size limitations etc.) I was evaluating some options for content externalization. I will not get into much details about the reasons for using such solutions because there are many well written articles about this on the Net (like "SharePoint 2010: Storing Documents on the File System with Remote Blob Storage" by Damon Armstrong). I will focus on one - Metalogix StoragePoint.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Replace attachment in document library without changing version number

Lately I was looking for some example on how to replace the attachment in document library (SP2010) without changing the version number but without any results. If you've faced the same problem here is the solution: