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Friday, 28 September 2012

SharePoint Taxonomies - Struggling with dupplicated default labels

If you have ever had to load large number of data into SharePoint MMD service or build taxonomies automatically you have likely encountered the following problem:

Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.TermStoreOperationException: There is already a term with the same default label and parent term.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

SharePoint Taxonomies - Labels with forbiden characters

Recently, when I was working on mechanism of automatic synchronization of tree structures provided by web service to SharePoint taxonomies, I came across an error like this:

The value '(<= 0320-775, 0550-5/7)' is invalid. It probably contains invalid characters or is too long.
Parameter name: name
with the following stacktrace fragment:
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.Internal.CommonValidator.ValidateName(String name, String parameterName)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.TermSetItem.CreateTerm(String name, Int32 lcid, Guid newTermId)